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In addition to changing our look and feel, we've recently added a Discussion Board and Photo Album so operators and those interested in supporting our forward deployed troops can connect. Organizers of this effort will also be able to communicate faster to all interested parties.


In an effort to raise funds for the program, Borelli Consulting is showcasing a beautiful AR10T & Beretta 96D both is a Digital Camo Pattern finish. All proceeds of the sales will go directly to the Adopt a Sniper Program. Goto: http://www.borelliconsulting.com/sniper.htm to participate in this fund raising effort.


Please help us help working snipers in combat zones around the world. Snipersonline UA and Sniper's Paradise have several members and Sniper friends actively engaged in the battle against terrorism. Our friends are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the number of snipers deployed around the world right now. These snipers are deployed in the theaters of combat, both in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as other locations overseas. 


Letters and emails sent back from the Snipers receiving the Adopt a Sniper care packages. My name is Sgt. Ben xxxxxx, sniper section leader with xxxxxxx, currently deployed to Iraq. I came upon your article in the Stars and Stripes and wanted to thank you for your support and dedication to helping fellow snipers.

Please help us help working snipers in combat zones around the world.

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